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Artistically Inspired

The Art and Works of Amandha Vollmer

Friday, January 28, 2005

Dragon Boat

The drum echoing

Across the vast lake.

Rhythmic paddles gently dipping,

Circular ripplings,

In and out breath matching,

Water like quick silver.

The trees cheer on,

Muscles working,

Sweat dripping

Toward the common goal.

This morning

When I awoke

There was immediate certainty

Of our



My mind shift,

Deep into the one heart,

Speaks in return

Only truth

Of our

Magnificent love.

Every cell,

Each & every molecule

& quark,

Vibrates to your frequency

And I am swept

Into the ocean

Of you.

Your undertoe,

Gentle forcefulness,

Pulls me deeper

Toward your centre space---

Here there is safety, beauty:

The oldest, wisest love there is,

And I know,

I am home.

I wish to drop my mask,

Letting it crash on your floor.

I desire for my

True essence

To twinkle over the all of you,

Melting your own secret shadows.

Then we’ll run, hand in hand,

Into our glorious light:

The beautiful sunshine

Of we.

Monday, January 10, 2005

What such lonely walkings I do take.

Please tell me more, this choice of fate?

How is it that my eyes must see

too much love and beauty within thee?

These pains cut deep, knifed into bone,

If it shall be this time to walk alone,

I shall indeed succumb this way,

Marching these heartbeats day by day.