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The Art and Works of Amandha Vollmer

Friday, December 31, 2004

A Few of My Favorite Modigliani Paintings

Portrait of Madame Zborowska
by Modigliani

Jeanne Hebuterne

Recline Nude

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Winter Forest
Oil Pastels
Sketch 2001

Sketch 2000

Girl Sketch

Great Gaia Mother
Acrylic on Canvas
November 2004

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ah, such a wondrous night.
The moon is in full bloom
And I
With a relaxed gaze,
Etch upon it,
My fantasies.

October 15, 1997

I Have Again Felt the Force of Nature

I have again felt the force of nature.

In the incline.

In the wind.

I have felt the pebbles at my feet,

And the sun inside my eyes.

I have seen the majesty
of the mountain,

And felt the chill of the glacier.

I have again felt the force of nature.

September 28, 1997

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The heart can think of no devotion

Greater than being the shore to the ocean-

Holding the curve of one position,

Counting an endless repetition.

~Robert Frost

Friday, December 17, 2004

The Optical Illusion. Black Dot Grid Pattern.
Photo of Colour Grid Painting,
Acrylic on Canvas, 2000.
(The Black dots disappear upon looking directly)

Welcome to Amandha's Art Blog

Hello and welcome.
I thought it time to put up some of my art work for you to experience.
As I create I will update!
Feel free to send feedback and comments!
Blessings and colour,

Acrylic on Board

Melancholy Womyn
Indian Ink
Sketchbook Series

Oil Pastel
Sketch Book Series

Sketch Book Series

Lady of the Harbour
Sketch Book Series

Eye See
Sketch Book Series

Artist at Work-Picasso
Indian Ink
Sketch Book Series

Sketch Book Series

Curious Man
Indian Ink
Sketch Book Series

Picasso Sketch

Nude Study
Indian Ink
Sketch Book Series

This is Not a Flower.
Oil Pastel on paper.
From Sketchbook Series

Nude Study
Sketch Book Series

Goddess of the Elements
Indian Ink & Acrylic on Canvas

Photo of a Photo of a Photo by Spencer Tunick

Goddess Brigit Wall Painting, Edmonton, AB.
Having fun at Nic's gathering.

Tibetan Monk: End Tibetan Despair
Acrylic on Board

Acrylic on Board

Acrylic on Board

The Climb up the Embankment
Acrylic on Canvas

The Upward Swim.
Water Based Oils on Board.

Red Man, Viewing Dancer
Acrylic on Canvas

Tired Man
Sketch Book Series

Green Man
Acrylic on Board

Let's Get Outta Here
Sketch Book Series
Thought du jour
"An intellectual is a man who says
a simple thing in a difficult way;
an artist is a man who says a
difficult thing in a simple way."
---Charles Bukowski

Early Burst
From the Burst Series
Acrylic on canvas

Hemp necklace design.
Crystal beads, Guatamalan carving.

Hemp Design.
Crystal Beads.

Portrait of Dr. David Neil D.V.M.
(in honour of his retirement from
the University of Alberta).
Waterbased oils on canvas. 2002.

He was very touched by my gesture.
(I worked from photos.)

Greetings from Amandha!