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Sunday, April 10, 2005


I am the carrier of Raven Medicine:

In the modern-day world, raven medicine gives you the ability to get inside another's head and heart, and to understand them from the inside out, so to speak. You can "become" that other person because of the depth of your understanding of them, and it is not necessary to be in their physical presence for that to happen. Spiritual healers and counsellors who are skilled in their abilities are using raven power for they have a depth of understanding and empathy not shared by all. Because of this power, they have the ability to actually alter another's perception and behavior. They are able to work real magic in bringing peace, healing and understanding to others.

Those who carry Raven Medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. Raven is the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us. He is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception. He carries the mark of the shape-shifter. He is the carrier of healing energy from distances.

By being able to travel from this world to the next, the raven also symbolizes the power of healing - but the type of healing that comes about through a confrontation with the unconscious, with the hidden, with the Shadow, and with the darker, potentially destructive aspects of the psyche. The raven's association with death becomes an association with depth and thus with depth psychology and the transformative powers of initiation - for such a moment marks to a greater or lesser extent the death of the old self, and the rebirth of a new self.



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